How to log in to new internet bank saving George from Česká spořitelna

This is how the new log in page looks:

Nový přihlašovací formulář bankovnictví George od České spořitelny

If you have never logged in to a new internet banking or log in makes trouble for you, please, read the instructions more carefully and you will no longer have to search for it. Thanks.

Our favorite Česká spořitelna now propagates everywhere its new personal internet savings bank - George. George brings new search, mobile app, nonstop advice, higher level of security and of course even better and more comfortable login for your account.

First logging in

How do you recognize that you have to transit to a new banking? You will receive a SMS message about end of servis24 banking and that you have newly to login to George banking.

I have already received the SMS message about logging in, what now?

Now you just have to remember these two addresses:

Náhled webu
Information website is an informational web about internet banking. If you are afraid of George or you don't understand its functionality, I recommend to surf through the web, or optionally to continue reading here, here you find everything you need. Na to, abyste se dostali do svého internetového bankovnictví (internetbanking), stačí nahoře vpravo kliknout na modrý odkaz internetbanking and click on new George banking. See picture below.

It is important to acknowledge that web actually doesn't exist and after typing this address you will get to this is web of Česká spořitelna, on which you will learn everything important about new banking.

This site's purpose is to log in to internet banking. It's actually a site which diplays when you click on page 1 on internet banking link. It's strange that after typing of link the sites will redirect you to and then you can log in. vs

If you transit form, use the same login information to George. Change is only in the way of logging in.

Login servis24

Náhled webu servis 24 a formuláře pro přihlášení

  1. To browser address bar type
  2. Type your client number and password
  3. Click on the login link
  4. If you use other than your home PC, don't forget to log out before leaving PC.


login form

  1. Type or to browser address bar.
  2. Type your client number and click on continue.
  3. Type your password and click continue.
  4. Type your security key which will be mailed to you by SMS message to your mobile phone.
  5. Pokud používáte jiný než svůj domácí počítač, nezapomeňte kliknout na odhlásit se před opuštěním pc.

I didn't got an SMS message.

Sometimes you don't get the SMS message. Check if you have signal on your mobile phone, wait a minute, if you don't get the SMS message, click on You don't get an SMS message, Which is above bar for typing SMS, form the left side a box wil appear and click on blue Send a new code button.

Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna is the biggest bank in the Czech Republic. It has more than 4.7 million clients. Česká spořitelna today as an ATM, let's say, on every corner (total number of ATMs is 1742). PIf you look for some ATM in your area, there is nothing more simple, that to look at Česká spořitelna website and find out where the closest ATM is. You can directly get to ATM subpage by clicking on this link.

Servis 24 is internet banking of Česká spořitelna. To the end of this year (it looks like it will end in 30.6.2019) you can still use it, but ČS is going to transfer all its clients under the new internet banking George. We recommend to slowly prepare for the transfer. Vzhled je totiž o dost jiný, než aktuální bankovnictví. It is nicer and it has better UX (user friendliness), but if you are used to it, the change is worse. However i guarantee you, that you will get used to a new banking fast. I don't know how it's going to be invented after ending of servis24, but I would say that after ending of operation will user be simply redirected to a new web george (

George internetbanking

Thus what that Goerge is? It is a new smart internet banking of Česká spořitelna. What does it mean? Banking servis24 was obsolete – try on purpose to search your old payment. George is way ahead. By design, even functionally. And you don't have to worry that you lose your saved contacts, or payment history. All data wil automatically redirect to George. I give great plus to Česká spořitelna for login data being the same as in Unfortunately, for example new payment, is more complicated than and you always to type name of receiver. There is going to be a new app called George Go, which you can download to your phone, and thanks to which you can have your account under your control everywhere. I appreciate even fact, than George Go can for example keep your finger print (if your phone has this feature), so you don't have boringly type your long security passwords, so your entrance to your account will be more easier. It is important to add, that on George yet work only personal accounts, business accounts will transfer to the end of the year.

As you all know, logging into your internet banking is available at addresses:, but Česká spořitelna will redirect you to:, so don't startle – you are at correct address to login.

George go app

George App print screen
Print screeny George Go

App is no longer called George Go, but George česká spořitelna. George is a new mobile app of Česká spořitelna for internetbanking into your phone. Both android and iOS users can download it. George Go app has 4 stars on Google Play 27000 people rated it and 500 000 lidí already downloaded it. On Itunes rating is 4,6, and 52 000 people rated it. On Appstore you can even download version for iPad.

What is this app good for? You can check status of your bank account, send payments or scan recepits without losing them. App has its problems and credit top-up is yet incredibly complicated and it is found in a place no one would expect. In settings

See more info in these stores: George go for Android on Google Play,
George go for iOS by Apple on iTunes

What to do, when George Go doesn't work?

It can happen, that an app doesn't work. Mostly when it doesn't work, it it error on Česká spořitel-na's side, app updates are relatively frequent and weekend blackout is nothing unusual. If you ur-gently need to log in to your account, log in through your browser (safari, opera, firefox) on website and fill your data like you're doing on PC. If you can't log in even here, the blackout is unfortunately allover and only thing you can do is to wait.

George Go logging in and activation

Login data for George Go are exactly same, as logging in to your bank account. During first login (activation) you'll have to verify your identity through SMS message.

What is that George key?

Simply said, it is an app thanks to which you don't have to rewrite annoying SMS codes. Unfor-tunately, to install this app you have to go to subsidiary first or to closest ATM and request so-called Activation code.

George key is available to download on Google Play or Apple store. You have only to type George key on search bar on your phone.

George key will rid you of rewriting annoying SMS codes

A new EU directive came to force in September about securing digital services, its goal is to achieve more secure digital payments. For this reason you have now to confirm every transaction by SMS code. Download app on Google Play or App store and avoid annoying rewriting. If you chose this option, you don't have to confirm every mobile bank transactions above 12 500 CZK.

George and antivirus Eset

If you use antivirus security from Esett company, thus for example Eset internet security, blue win-dow displays to you after viewing with text: ESET secure browser will protect your private data during using online banking and online cryptowallets.

Nothing is happening, just your antivirus is opening a new window in browser to be sure, that no-body is spying on you from remote and noobody finds out your login data. You can recognize that window is safe even thanks to having green edges.

More about protection and securing banking and online payments here.


What most people don't know, that in George you can carry out online loans, credits, or travel in-surance. You can find it in trade bookmark, which is in picture menu down next to contacts and settings.


There are two types of loans. Ordinary loans – money for anything for a minute or a new. Money on click – a reserve with which you won't be surprised on another expenditures. Both loans can be carried out online and you can have money at your account within 15 minutes.

Review of banking


  • Easy payment repeating
  • Nice, but unnecessary statistics


  • Mandatory naming account during payments
  • Frequent weekend outages
  • Slow app updates after detecting an error

My rating of internet banking George: 5.0/10

Last edit: 1.9.2020 10:00

Your opinions and comments

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Opinion concerning online banking George and logging into it

I think that George should have been launched sharply this year (2019). Last year everyone had to voluntarily log in and test the banking. Namely under the pressure thousands of people transited, needing immediately to sent payment and didn't know how. Česká spořitelna hereby with unfinished product angered many of its long-term clients. Servis24 was namely simple, intuiti-ve and mainly everyone was used to it. I don't get even Česká spočitelna's campaign, in which the most important data www address of new banking, is not mentioned.

Na těchto stránkách najdete návody a zajímavosti ohledně internetového bankovnicví George. Tyto stránky nejsou prezentací České spořitelny, ale slouží pouze jako fanouškovský web nového internetového bankovnictví. Pokud si web projdete a celý pozorně přečtete už nikdy nebudete mít problém s přihlášením na Váš bankovní účet. Vaše dotazy můžete psát na Přečtěte si také článek Era svět přihlášení neexistuje kde se dočtete jaká je náhrada za portál Era